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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Wrapping Up 2016

This is our 10th Christmas in our home in Monticello, FL
As is our tradition we went outdoors and took a photo for our Christmas card
 showing off the wonderful FL weather we love so much.

Another one while we had the camera set up.

Marilyn got a dulcimer for Christmas and is enjoying learning to play.

It is quite easy to learn because it sits on your lap where you can see the strings easily.

Our dogs, Daisy and Toby and Madison, are dressed for the holidays.
Madison is the neighbors but we all visit back and forth to play.

Daisy and Madison are best friends.
 We decided Daisy would be happy and get more exercise and attention living next door
so we gave her to Carole and Rick and she lives there now.
They all still visit back and forth daily

Marc came for Christmas and we put him to work as usual.
He is the master of the burn pile.
  He has cleaned up big areas of the woods over the years
and is greatly appreciated and loved.
In July we went to Dublin, Oh for a family reunion.
We visited Terry's daughter and her family.
Marilyn's 2 sisters and 2 brothers came with their families.
Of course we enjoyed seeing Tricia and Marc for a few days. 

We went to a studio where we painted pottery items.
The paint goes on in a light color.

But when the items are fired they come out darker and beautiful.
Even Marc has hidden talent.

Spring of course is the time for yard work and blooming flowers.
I am so proud of our yard and all the flowering bushes and trees we have grown.

We even got some flowers to bloom under the huge Live Oak trees in our park.

Butterflies love the lantana and so do I because it is so easy to grow and enjoy.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Welcome Daisy

Daisy is a 1 year old Maltese Cairn Terrier mix that was found dumped by the side of the road.  She is spunky, well mannered and very lovable.

She will have long curly silky hair but we had to clip her quite short on her first grooming.
March 2016  Trimmed again.  Looking good.

We got her in time for Christmas and couldn't resist dressing her up.

She is a good match and partner for Toby.

She fits right in with the neighborhood pack.
Cooper the number 1 doesn't intimidate her a bit

Maddy taught her all the games like her favorite tug-of-war

She can outrun Toby, but he can tackle her.

What a cutie.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sally's Park

We are very pleased with the way our park property cleaned up.

Sally's Park is in memory of Charles Williams who lived there for 32 years.  He was our neighbor and friend.  We are very glad he preserved the Live Oak trees which are over 200 years old and passed them on to us to admire and enjoy.  

These are some of the Live Oak and
Camellia trees after the old house was torn down before the clean up.

The same trees after Marilyn's and Carole's Landscape Service took care of them.

More beautiful trees and grass.

Here's how the back of the property looked before Terry's Cleanup Service started work.

Sally enjoying the Pecan grove.  Those trees do produce nuts to pay for the taxes.

There were times when we thought we bit off more than we could chew and we would never get it all looking like a place for a walk in the woods let alone a park.

But we kept at it and when the grass came up we saw our vision materialize.

There's our house and barn through the trees just a pleasant walk away.

We enjoyed the new swing all winter long on pretty days.  A few more benches and we'll be ready for a cook out.

Toby loves to run around the trees hunting for squirrels and playing with his neighborhood pack.

Just for the fun of it.  Sally's Toby's Marilyn's Terry's Madison's Cooper's Carole's and Ricks. place to hang out.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Look at them go

Toby and his neighborhood friend Madison

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Swing for our Park

Using a 250 year old Live Oak tree to hang the swing.

Neighbor Rick helping to get the height just right.

Toby and Marilyn get the first turn.

Toby Marilyn Terry try it.

Terry sees how high it will swing.
Here's the view. Pink Camelia trees

Sally and Toby would rather just run.


Soon the newest member of our pack, Carole's Maddie, will be running here too

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy Holidays 2014

As we wrap up a wonderful year, best wishes for another in 2015.

This year's project was clearing our property to make a park

Where we enjoy romping and playing with our dogs.

Our good friends and neighbors in the woods , Carole and Rick and Cooper, celebrate with us.

Carole cooked Christmas dinner for us and about 20 of her friends and family. 
She is always a wonderful hostess and the life of the party.
Looking forward to more fun and adventure in 2015.

Pink Camelia

December in FL

Hundreds of blossoms

Happy New Year